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Create a profile

After the viewing your proposal the first thing employers to do is the taking a look to your merchant profile. You have to give a great first impression to increase your hiring chance.

Profile photo

Your profile photo represents your digital identity on Codestunts. We’re recommend use your own photo with recognizable facial features. You can also use own avatar if you believe people knowing you with it.

TIP: Codestunts automatically fetching your profile picture when you’re signed in with a third party identity provider. Gravatar also supported.

Skill tags

We suggest only add your primary tech stack to profile screen. Usually employers makes their final decision based on tech stack match with their infrastructure.


Since sep.2017 photo id verifications are mandatory for payouts. Besides the necessary verifications, you can connect with more third party services to earn trust from employers. It’s really useful when you have no job history at your Codestunts days.

Profile description

Introduce yourself with your own words, who are you, how do you work, are you dedicated freelancer or working on spare time etc. Remember, due to terms of service any links you place there will be removed automatically.

Updated on September 9, 2017

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