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Placing Proposals

When you click to a job post with your merchant account, you will see proposal composer next to job description. Use this area to send your bid to project owner.

Analysis of a job description

First thing to do is compare budget and demand, if client asking for facebook with a book price, you can simply quit and look for another job post. However you can still place your bid with your own price and convince client for increasing the budget.

Client’s ability to pay

Look for past projects or verifications before placing a bid, best practise is dividing job into multiple milestones. Place a small amount of bid and offer handling a part of the job first if you having doubts about client.

Key to getting hired

Most clients works with people who can talk more comfortable no matter price or the technical level. Deduce the problem from job description and reply with a solution. Avoid the formal words and technical talk on first reply.

If everything is clear on the job description, you can attach the final price on your proposal. Otherwise it’s best to use pricing a guideline (don’t forget to mention about price is a guideline, not final)

Send Proposal

Click preview button to view your review your proposal one last time and click “Place bid” to send your proposal to client immediately. Messaging is restricted until client replies back or accepts your proposal.


Besides the communication skills, you still need to offer an acceptable price to get ahead of other proposals.

Price Calculation

First thing to consider, transaction and foreign exchange fees. If you’re living one of Codestunt’s supported countries +2.5% foreign exchange fee applies above the mid-market rate.

Inner circle program members are subject to transaction fees that between $5 to $30 per payout depending on payment channel.

Be the first bidder

We suggest periodically browse the posted jobs or subscribe to Codestunts rss feed. Also our editors sends you instant e-mail alerts when your profile matches 100% with posted job description.

Keep up a good profile

If you’re getting signals of a bad experience on the discussions, we suggest withdraw your proposal and look for another job post to prevent a possible time waste and negative score. Also you can consider placing bid to small tasks to getting your first feedback.

Updated on September 9, 2017

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