Posting a job

Job posts are first step to initiating a project. post your project details and service providers will reply with how they do and how much.

Post title

Name your job, this title also will used as workroom name. We’re recommend keep it simple as possible. eg. If you’re looking for someone to design your online book store. Designed wanted for book store would be a great title.

Post Description

A perfect job description answers three questions of a freelancer:

  • Im i experienced in this industry?
  • How long it’s about to take deliver?
  • Can i clearly communicate with this client?

Let’s proceed with book store example, If you mention about this job is about your book store and 1-2 sentences of the story of the necessity, merchant will get the impression that job is about e-commerce. Story is about what’s the freelancer start to working on and give clue about your communication skills. Most freelancers offers more acceptable prices to employers when they’re talking in same frequency.

Supply the all available project information as possible, you can reduce the visibility to only Codestunts members or people only you select if you’re concerning about project privacy.

More options

You’re require specific tech stack or set a guideline for budget, click to the bar labeled More optionsĀ and enter up to 10 skill tags.


Updated on August 17, 2018

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