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Privacy Policy

Codestunts Inc. (“Codestunts”) provides this policy to let you know our procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information through codestunts.com (“Platform”), and any other websites, features, applications, widgets or online services that are owned or controlled by Codestunts and that post a link to this policy, as well as any information Codestunts collects offline in connection with the service. By accessing or using Codestunts, you consent to the information collection, disclosure and use practices described in this policy. Please also review our Terms of Service, which governs your use of the Service, and which is accessible at http://codestunts.com/c/terms-of-service.

Information we ask

Codestunts asks you following information by using web forms, support desk channel or by phone.

Personal: Codestunts asks your professional or real name to allow you interact with other members and site operators. Platform allows you to hide your full or partial name from public internet environment. Communication information such as e-mail, phone or physical address is necessary to shared with payment processor company and people who you involve business with.

Professional: Platform requires you to provide information about your business or professional skills to match buyers and sellers more accuracy. Your professional metadata only accessible when you’re bid to a project as a service provider or ask a quote to a freelancer as a service buyer.

Billing: As an US legal requirement and KYC (Know your customer) regulations, platform asks you the physical billing address that you’re currently using. This information also shared with payment processor company to prevent possible credit card frauds.

Information we collect

Platform gathers following information automatically by collecting the data that your browser sent.

Device: Codestunts automatically collects information about your web browser for statistical purposes. This anonymous information includes your browser name, software version, operating system name and your screen resolution. You may send DNT (do not track) requests to prevent this information being stored for more information visit http://www.allaboutdnt.com

Connection: Platform stores your connection information such as IP address, country name and city to secure your account and prevent unauthorized access. This information also used to validate your payments to comply with PCI security standards.

Identity: Codestunts leaves an unique text file to your web browser called “Cookie” to remember you on next time you visit the platform. Cookie validity is exact one year unless if you do remove them manually.

Location: Your geographical location determined via your connection information. We’re decreasing accuracy of this data to protect your privacy and using for project-proposal visualization purposes.

Information you provide

Business profile: The profile you create on our site will be publicly accessible unless otherwise indicated. You may change the privacy settings of your profile through your account portal.

Photos: Your profile pictures and it’s facial features analyzed by our automated systems to validate uniqueness of the photo. This information kept up to 30 minutes in our servers.

Job listings and Proposals: When you’re post a publicly viewable content, we’re collecting a non-readable numeric summary of your job description and it’s attachments to ensure quality of the other job listings and member safety.

Information you transfer

Social networks: We’re asking read-only permissions to third party service to create, update or validate a Codestunts account for you. Information we requested contains name, e-mail, profile picture and your registration date on target platform. Codestunts keeps the information that collected from third party service until you’re close the account or revoke authorization of third party platform.

Information you alter or remove

Membership Your changed or deleted profile information will be kept up to 30 days in our servers for security purposes.

Project information Previous versions of job descriptions and proposals only visible to people who interacted with the document unless you’re indicated the opposite.

Events you involve

Messaging Codestunts encrypts your communication end to end with other members. However, we’re automatically looking for specific words in the text content before the message is sent. This process is completely automated and it’s a part of our fraud protection system.

Collaboration Codestunts uses third party services to store your project files and have no access or control on them. File metadata kept for 90 days in our servers after a workroom being closed. Also you can manually delete them as request.

Billing and PaymentsTo comply with PCI security standards, your billing information directly sending to payment processor company without passing thru Codestunts servers. As required by US laws, Codestunts Inc. keeping the name, address and metadata of the payment information up to 5 years and responsible to share with authorities when requested.

The way we handle Information

Connection Codestunts forces your browser to use secure connection by using industry standard encryption methods. But remember that no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Thus, while we strive to protect your personal data, Codestunts Inc. cannot ensure and does not warrant the security of any information you transmit to us.

Storage Platform operator uses third party encrypted database services to store your information, Codestunts staff is only allowed to see user information upon your request for support purposes. Technicians, R&D engineers and third party contractors does not allowed to see the stored raw data.

Updated on September 17, 2017