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Working on projects

When employer accepted your proposal, we’re automatically creating a workroom for you to post deliveries and project updates. Before the proceed to workroom, you have to read project’s contract and accept the terms.

Point of no return

Once accept the terms, you’re officially in business with the client. First thing to do is, review job description and message stream and create list of tasks about project. You will receive a notification when client accepted the terms too. It’s safe to start development on your computer upon you’re received the notification.



Updating the progress

Codestunts workroom has a kanban board to send quick updates.┬áIf you don’t want to hear about progress from employer, you need to move task cards instantly based on it’s status. First select the task you want to work on, drag & drop to working column and start to work on it. when task is done, drag it to completed column to send client for a review.

Finalizing the project

When you’re completed the all tasks, send a report to bill the client. Include instructions for delivery, what you done since project started and highlights that client might needs to know.

Attach your final work and proof of work in second screen, please wait until file transfer is completed and proceed to next step. Proof of work can be a screenshot of the final deliverable or screencast of the working product.

Billing the client

We will send an invoice to client with your agreed amount when you completed all tasks and submitted a report afterwards. If you’re having problem with one of tasks, highlight the problem in report composer screen and let us contact to client about it.


That’s it! now you have to wait 7 business days for employer’s payment approval. In case of no action we will deposit funds into your account in 8th day according to your business contract.

Updated on September 9, 2017

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